School Visits

So, you're a teacher/librarian/conference organizer/parent/ or something completely else, but still as epic, and you want to have me for a school visit? That's awesome! Let's talk a little bit about how to make that happen!

  • Please use the contact form below so we can streamline the process.
  • I have a few preset topics (below) I'm happy to talk on, but if you want something custom, just let me know!
  • Because school visits, or organizational visits do require time and prep, I do charge. But if the price doesn't work for you, we can talk about it! Please note, I'm in the NY area. Places within a 3.5 hour train ride, will have to pay for transportation plus the fee. Trips where flights or longer train rides are required, will need to play (usually) for housing, travel, and fee. I'm willing to work with indiivudals, though. 


  • Kosovo-Serbian Conflict: This is a big point in history many students don't know about. Let's talk about it with your students. 30-45 minutes. Best suited for high school and middle school students.

  • Social Media, as A Tool & Profession: I work in social media, and attribute Twitter to the main reason I have a book deal. This class spends half about talking about social media as a tool for authors, it's value as a whole for society, and then half as a profession. Great for seniors, those who are active on social, or others. It's also my Masters focus at New York University. 30-45 minutes. Best suited for high school students. 

  • The Craft of Writing: As a YA Author, I'm happy to talk about craft in general, the process of writing, how to write, and answer questions about writing in general. This is very flexible and happy to discuss specific aspects of writing with your students, as you see fit. 30-45 minutes, depending on your students, class size, etc.  Best suited for high school and middle school students.

  • The Craft of Writing (workshop): Like above, with with a hands-on, workshop component that gives the students a chance to put what we talk about to the test. 45-60 minutes. Best suited for high school and middle school students. Class sizes must be caped at 25. 

  • A Place For Wolves: This is where we talk about the Kosovo-Serbian conflict, my book in general, and the students can ask as many questions (or as little) as they want! This is best for students who have already read the book, perhaps as a reading assignment for school, and combines historical, craft, storytelling, and Q&A together. 30-45 minutes. Best suited for high school and middle school students.

  • The LGBTQ (and Black) Agenda: LGBTQ representation is important. It's something I champion, along with Black rep, passionately. Growing up LBTQA is a formative part of me, as if growing up Black. They are also important to my stories and you cannot exclude my stories without talking about those topics. For teens, this is an important presentation, not only about the history, intersectionality in literature, and the importance of representation. 30-45 minutes. High school leaning, but can be adapted for middle school students. 

  • Custom: Let's make up a lesson that is best suited for your students! This is my most popular option. I'll send you an outline before hand, so you can roughly see where it's heading. 30-60 minutes. Best suited for high school and middle school students.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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