In 2016, I saw 65 movies in theatres. In 2017, I saw 85 (shooting for 100). This year, I wanted to challenge myself, in a new way, when it came to movies.

So, I came up with “ORDER FOR…”, a set of movie reviews, where each one, hopefully, can be read while waiting for your Grande White Chocolate Mocha, one Monday morning before heading to your 9-5.

Published bi-weekly, ORDER FOR is my (SPOILER FREE) opinion. It doesn’t come from years of scholarly understanding of film, or any agenda. I’m just a film-loving boy, standing in front of a film interested reader, telling you my opinion about a film. 

Sound good? Awesome. Let’s get started.



THE PITCH: Michael Woolrich (Neeson), is an insurance salesman and ex-detective just trying to get by. When a son on his way to college, two mortgages, and a loving wife, he has a fulfilled, but difficult life. But when he loses his job, and he's presented with a chance to get 100K, he's curious. Until he finds out what he has to do to get the money compromises his morals and could put some innocent people, in a lot of danger.


Mindlessness. This might sound like a bad thing, but the movie is mindless. And that's a good thing. What you see is what you get. You're not going to learn anything amazing, see impressive action scenes, etc. It's just that. A good two-hour movie. 

Vera Farmiga. I'm a sucker for women in power and women antagonists. Vera Farmiga has a four-minute scene, which is really the only time you see here, and it COMMANDS RESPECT. The other times you 'see' here, are just voice over. You can feel her control, her power, and his authority in her voice. Her scene is flirtatious, yet commanding. It's refreshing.

- Neeson's Logic Liam has a limited amount of time, about forty minutes, in the movie, to uncover what's going on and find his target. He makes good use of the time with logical deductions to come to conclusions. It's what I would expect from Neeson.


Dull. The movie may be what you expect, but there are few scenes that really wow. I left feeling in a bit of a daze, kinda of like did the past two hours really happen?

Predictable. I'm not going to spoil it, but everything in the movie is predictable. You're not going to be wowed by anything in this movie, or find any twists and turns. With small focus, you can even predict dialogue. The film could have been so much better if it just went a little further with effort. But it didn't. And I'm sad. And you will be too. 

Another Neeson Movie. This movie feels like it's part of the Taken franchise. If Bryan Mills at the end of Taken 3, changed his name, got a new family, and moved to New York, you have THE COMMUTER. I also remember Liam saying he didn't want to do another Taken Film, yet... he did...this? Aka Taken: On A Train. 


            You’re a fan of Liam Neeson, mindless fanfare, situationally confined movies.


You’re going into it, expecting thrills, unique action sequences, lines and, dialogue that rival "I have a particular set of skills..."


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