Before I begin, this beautiful idea came from my dear friend Katherine Locke. Sign up for her newsletter, read her WIP Wednesday post, and get excited for THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON!

I'm a person who centers on accountability. I do best when I set my own goals, or have others working on goals with me. That's what makes me (mostly) a type A. Writing is a very lonely profession,  so why not make it a little more social and bring in accountability while at it?

I won't be sharing any super personal details about it--because, you know, but a think a little vision into the highs and lows of working on a work-in-progress, might not only help others get through their lows, but also show the process; the good and the bad. 

Let's jump in!

NOTE: the WIP may change depending on mood & other things...the goal (for me) is just to write and make progress. Unless I'm on a deadline, that progress doesn't have to be on the same project. 

What Am I Working On?

I'm taking a small structured writing break to explore some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for months. I have no real deadlines right now, and writing simply to explore words again, feels refreshing; especially since there's no stress of meeting end goals. I'm going to keep this up until next Thursday, so even though this technically IS a #WIPWednesday Post, its also kind of a free writing post. 

But it's still a historical--because...well, I'm me. 

What Makes This Different? 

It includes some magical elements and multiple POVs. Plus, it includes my first female POV, and I'm super excited to dive into it, not only to explore that side of writing but also allow me to tap into my own femininity in a way I haven't really been able to in writing. 

How Far Into It Are You?

....an idea.

Don't come for me.

Fingers crossed!

What's The Biggest Challange?

Making sense of the thoughts in my head and find what the real idea/character motivation is. That's the hardest part right now. Also getting over that initial "I can't do this/it's not in my wheel house/I don't have the skills to write this" hump/imposter syndrome is a lot. 

What Am I Proud Of?

I think this project has a lot of great potential and it's been an idea I've been toying with since 2016. A lot of times it takes between 9-18 months for me to take an idea and make it something I can actually write. This book took about 14 months, so right on schedule. 

From my friends I ran it by, it's a good idea and they are excited. That initial interest is always huge for me. 

What's Next?

I might actually do some major plotting for this novel, which isn't new for me, and I'm excited to dive into that and learn my world. Since this might be more complex than a straight forward historical fiction novel, it might be good for me to do so, at least--I think.

There are a lot of players; 3 major ones and then some fairly important historical characters I need to research, along with a pretty important historical event. It's a lot but if I do it well, it'll be great!

By The Way, What Happened To Your Goal Last Week?

So I didn't reach 10K...but I got 2K I'm proud of. I rewrote the 2K three times because I kept changing tense to decide which one worked best, so really I wrote 6K, and I'm proud of it. 

Question: What is your biggest writing challange when starting a new project?