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I'm a person who centers on accountability. I do best when I set my own goals, or have others working on goals with me. That's what makes me (mostly) a type A. Writing is a very lonely profession,  so why not make it a little more social and bring in accountability while at it?

I won't be sharing any super personal details about it--because, you know, but a think a little vision into the highs and lows of working on a work-in-progress, might not only help others get through their lows, but also show the process; the good and the bad. 

And, yes, today is Thursday--but I needed to start somewhere--so...let me live. 

NOTE: the WIP may change depending on mood & other things...the goal (for me) is just to write and make progress. Unless I'm on a deadline, that progress doesn't have to be on the same project. 

What Am I Working On?

Another historical thriller YA. It's currently set in a time period and location I'm not super familiar with, and that's fun & terrifying all at the same time. Writing from a different racial perspective is also fun, and hard. Plus, adding in a heterosexual (kinda) romance, that's 100% new for me. 

Another Historical?

A really like the idea of taking unknown events/times--or known ones and focusing on a microcosm bubble--and making them into something cool. We don't talk about history enough in schools, especially for teens, and I enjoy making characters in those time periods. It allows me to explore a lot of things and learn something new while challenging the status quo.

How Far Into It Are You?

Not very, ha! about 1030 words? My goal is to do 1K per week day and 2K on Saturday/Sunday.

That means, next Wednesday (August 9th), I should be at 10K when this posts. 

Fingers crossed!

What's The Biggest Challange?

The voice is a little clunky, but that's normal (for me) in first drafts. I'm hoping to get better in the groove. I swapped it from 3rd person to 1st person, so that's part of the clunkiness; it's different styles of writing and I'm adjusting my mind around that. 

What Am I Proud Of?

Nothing exactly yet--I think the idea is smooth and easy to understand, and I'm happy with that. I'm also happy because I feel like this is a good project/follow up project to my first novel, and that was something I was worried about; not finding something that 'clicked' well. 

What's Next?

I want to keep manageable, small goals (ie; 1K a day). If I hit that on Wednesday, I'll probably do an aesthetic graphic--I want to give myself rewards for each 1K I hit. I also want to get to know the characters better. Right now, the Main Character, Leo, feels more just like words on a page. I want to discover his motivation, and his voice better. 

That's it! I'll update next Wednesday with another update.

Question: What is your writing goal this week?