What The Heck Is #MuseMon?!

Hi, all!

If you're new-ish to Twitter, you might have heard of something called #MuseMon. You may be like, 'what is THAT?' 

Well, #MuseMon was created by Claribel Ortega & is a way for authors to express themselves, show off a cool sentence from their WIP, and get to meet other authors.

Each Monday, me (and my cohost, Laura T) will select a theme inspired by music for the day. We'll tweet it out (it'll be pinned to our twitter pages) & you use said theme to select a sentence in your wip that relates to that theme. 

Need an example? 




This theme was SAVE.

My post, doesn't have the word 'SAVE' in it, but it personifies the "theme" and FEELING of safety. Some might not agree, some may 100% agree. That's the beauty of expression, art, and creativity. The spirit of #MuseMon. 

We are not policing how you interpret the theme. Like art, each person interprets it differently and we want to see your wonderful, beautiful, creativity in action. That's 90% of the fun!

Feel free to quote RT, RT, reply, or praise people's lines you love. Build a community, get inpsired, and most importantly have fun. 

Again, The line does not have to relate to music! Just tweet anything from your WIP that relates to the THEME.

This is a time to cheer on fellow writers, show off your WIPS, and make new friends. Enjoy it, and have fun. I know Laura and I will have fun hosting, participating, & reading your posts!

Want a more in-depth post for the original master of #MuseMon? I got you, fam.