Kosoko Jackson is a digital media associate for Rock the Vote, and manages social media accounts totaling over 270,000 followers, along with churning out weekly informational blog posts & election reminders. Though skilled in the pithiness of social media, Kosoko has always loved the creativity and long hand form of novel writing. He has been writing since 2005, when he sat in his mother’s class—bored—while she set up her classroom before the school year started, and wrote his first (horrible) novel. Since then, his words have appeared in publications such as The Advocate, Thought Catalog, and two literary journals. 

Kosoko came to writing with the desire to create powerful, emotional stories about LGBTQA teens, where the story isn’t solely about them being ‘different’. Having been a safe-space camp director for LGBT individuals for a year and a half, a high school residential camp counselor, and over three years in non-profit advocacy work, writing—both professionally and personally—became an outlet for speaking truth to power.

When not writing, Kosoko loves enjoys movies (& saw eighty-three movies in 2016, aiming for one hundred in 2017), indie music, female driven period pieces, and the existential crisis of being a black gay hipster–who hates camping. He is also an Americorps graduate, a college graduate who obtained Magna Cum Laude with a BS in public health,  on the board of a non-profit seeking to aid school-aged girls in Uganda receive sanitary supplies, and a sensitivity reader for Big Five publishers.  

You can reach him at AuthorKosokoJackson (at) gmail dot com or on twitter @KosokoJackson